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't let up. in ashkelon just north of gaza, israeli authorities say at least 120 rockets have been aimed at them today. cnn had to take cover when he was out on assignment earlier. >> reporter: crews working on the ground, that seems to be indeed part of the rocket that has landed here. but people here spend most of their days indoors. there's another attack -- there's another rocket alert going on right now. we've got to get out of here! >> israel's iron dome missile defense system knocked down scores of rockets but life in israel is far from normal. here again, fred pleitgen. >> don, there was a lot going on in the ashkelon area today. especially a lot of air alarms going on. we woke up this morning and the first thing we saw when we looked out our hotel window is that a rocket had hit in downtown ashkelon. really went exactly the same way since then. we went to the scene of the first air strike. there was another air alarm while we were there. he had to take cover. and it continued exactly that way. now the israeli government says there were at least 120 rockets fired out of gaza into
of a rocket strike in the town of ashkelon. one of the rocket that is hit ashkelon hit this carport and did substantial damage to the car as well. as hits like this one show, the iron dome cannot intercept all the rockets coming at israel from gaza. still israel's military says it's very happy with the performance of the interceptor system. >> rockets we want to doan down, we usually down. usually these rockets, exactly the ones sent, launched from the terrorist factions towards bigger cities where you have more people living, we usually down them. but it's not a 100% solution, unfortunately. >> reporter: and so the engineers at the assembly plant are working extra hours to assemble more iron dome batteries for immediate deployment. fred pleitgen, cnn, ashkelon, israel. >>> at the top of the hour, our own anderson cooper will join us live from gaza with more on ordinary people's lives amid the growing destruction. also coming up, my interview with the top middle east negotiator, the former british prime minister, tony blair. ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios cool
we'll have live reports from gaza and ashkelon, israel, in moments. yesterday, around this time, we reported on hopes for a break in cross border rocket attacks, but a senior hamas official described to cnn as a calming down period. even as diplomats including secretary of state hillary clinton searched for a truce, the fighting last night intensified. israel trained rockets and artillery fire on gaza overnight. 100 confirmed strikes destroyed bridges, tunnels and buildings. hamas returned fire with dozens of rockets, 62. about a third were intercepted by the iron dome defense system. this attack, a bomb, a public bus around lunch time, not far from israel's military headquarters. the blast wounded 24 people, added a new urgency to efforts to reach a cease-fire. the military wing of hamas tweeted to israelis, you opened the gates of hell on yourselves. 40 minutes after the bus bombing, our cameras captured this explosion in gaza city. all the while there was a flurry of diplomating activity. secretary clinton met with palestinian authority mahmoud abbas in the west bank and benjamin
town of ashkelon, that has been hit repeatedly by rocket fire, and also the jerusalem bureau chief for "the new york times" is in gaza city and joins us by phone. what are you seeing and what are you hearing? >> reporter: what we are seeing here is that the town is pretty much deserted, not a lot of people out and about although earlier we were next to a sushi restaurant where there were a fair amount of customers. we spoke to the mayor who talked about the difficulties of trying to manage a town of more than 100,000 people living under these conditions and we spoke to one resident here who interestingly enough said he was happy that rockets were fired from gaza into near jerusalem and tel aviv. he said finally. other israelis outside of this area around gaza are getting a feel, getting a taste of what it's like to live under the threat of rockets. so certainly here in ashkelon, you have real frustration that they simply cannot live a normal life with the constant threat of rockets coming in from gaza. >> israel says they are doing targeted strikes into gaza city. the hamas rockets
be in for a few more air strikes. what's happened here on the ground in ashkelon, we are only about eight miles away from the border with gaza, they've had at least 20 rockets come over from gaza here in ashkelon. what they have in place here is a missile defense system called the iron dome and across southern israel, the israeli defense forces say that missile defense system has intercepted as many as 130 rockets coming out of gaza but of course, it can't intercept all of them. that's the reason the israelis say why they keep sending war planes over there to try and suppress especially the medium and long range rockets coming out of gaza, because one of the things that also happened today is that the outskirts of tel aviv were actually hit by a rocket as well. no one was injured in that. however, it is very, very concerning to the israelis if their main city, if the biggest city here in this country can in fact be targeted and the message we're getting from the israeli defense forces and government is that they're both capable and very much willing to keep on widening that operation. in the sh
in the town of ashkelon. several rockets fired on to ashkelon were intercepted by the iron dome interceptor system. there were two rockets that actually made it through that screen and landed in the residential areas here in ashkelon, damaging two houses. the reports that we're getting is that no one was injured in those of the right now, it appears to be fairly quiet. that's a pattern that we have been seeing. yesterday was fairly quiet. at least in the later hours. i would say by and large the rocket fire that is coming from gaza today is a little less intense than it was yesterday. however, there are phases when a lot of garages of rockets still are fired over here and when you can also see, especially that iron dome interceptor missile, really in full swing, launching interceptor missiles by the minute, picking off rockets in midair. of course, some of them still make it through and that's something israeli authorities always say is that you shouldn't get a false sense of security, there are still rockets that will land on towns here in israel outside of gaza, deborah. >> fred, at its w
blitzer, you were in ashkelon earlier today. i think we have some of that report. let's play that. i'm told we don't have that. we'll have that later on. what did you see in ashkelon? obviously that is a town that has been hard hit and people unfortunately have become very used to having to run for cover when some of these rockets are fired into israel. >> it was pretty eerie, i got to tell you. it's a city of about 100,000 people, ashkelon, and it just literally when we got there, we went to a high school where there had been a rocket that hit that high school earlier in the day. we wanted to see what it was like as we were pulling into the parking lot for the high school. all of a sudden, these sirens went off and we realized that a rocket or missile or whatever was heading towards our way, and then these israeli soldiers came running out and said get in, get in, follow us, 30 seconds, 30 seconds, and we followed them into a shelter where it was crowded inside. israeli soldiers, civilians. we were in for a couple minutes and then we finally emerged and we did hear these loud thumps
southern israel, probably landing somewhere over ashkelon and places that have been hit repeatedly. we know the sirens went off not too long ago there and some rockets were intercepted by the iron dome. we know there was a hit an hour ago in gaza, the israeli military saying they were targeting a militant area where there were rockets being fired. so the thing is, if there is going to be a quieting down, and that's got to happen before they get into these peace talks, before they try and come up with some sort of a cease-fire, or truce. and we're not seeing that so far. we have seen some of the damage and some of the neighborhoods on both sides of the fight, and it is just one of those things where people here are ready for this to end. they want not only a cease-fire now, but they want a real permanent solution and there is a feeling that permanent solution needs to happen now, and it is not likely they're going to get it. first they have to come up with a quiet period, than a cease-fire and hopefully at some point in time, they'll be able to work through something more permanent for the f
in southern israel, but the city of ashkelon is not back to normal. just ask 3-year-old donna. it's hard to forget rocket sirens. she won't leave my side, her mother says. every little noise scares her. grandmother alana isn't celebrating this cease-fire either. eight days of suffering for nothing, she told us. on tv, the people of gaza say that they want. ashkelon is an easy target, nine miles from the gaza border. 65 rockets fired at this city were intercepted, but more than a dozen slipped through. one smashed the roof of the high school. classes were canceled because of the fighting, so no one was hurt. closer to the border, military units were packing up to leave. there are a lot of people in this country who believe it won't be long before they are back. israeli security forces say they have arrested the man behind the bomb blast here in tel aviv. they say he was a member of a group affiliated with hamas and islamic jihad, but they did not say that hamas ordered that attack. veronica? >> nbc's stephanie gosk in tel aviv. stephanie, thank you. >>> now for a look at the national weat
the territory in ashkelon where we were. we were actually on the scene of where one of those rockets impact. it was in a rez denl chal area. one woman was in her house as the rocket impacted into her carport. luckily she was in the shelter, but certainly it is something that's taking a heavy toll on the lives of ordinary citizens here in israel. of course, a lot of them stay in their houses for the better part of the day. whenever they do have to leave, they plan very care employ to make sure they have shelter along the way. i can tell you tornado's been a particularly bad day where we ours have had to go into hardened shelters and we've had to hit the deck here simply because there've been so many rockets fired out of gaza. >> we know the iron dome has been quite successful, but there have been a large number of the rockets that have been successful. you say 350e789 stay inside, schools closed, businesses shut down. this has kind of paralyzed the city of ashkelon? >> reporter: the thing is about this and others around the area, they have sort of a routine of dealing with all this, as bad a
to start, cnn's team in the southern israeli city of ashkelon heard air raid sirens and saw incoming rockets. cnn's frederik pleitgen is on the scene there for us. fred, what are you hearing? what are you seeing about possibility violations? >> reporter: hi, wolf. yeah, we're hearing from the israeli defense forces that there have been at least two minor violations of the cease-fire. they're saying that at least two rockets were fired out of gaza. the information that we're getting is that these rockets either landed in an unpopulated area or in fact were intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system. of course we've been talking about so much over the past couple of days, by and large however it appears as though the cease-fire is holding. skies over ashkelon at this point in time are very quiet. however, wolf, one of the things you're not going to be seeing is what you just saw in arwa's report is people celebrating the cease-fire. in fact, we've been speaking to people here in ashkelon and some of them say they're actually quite disappointed because they don't feel that thei
comprehensive coverage of this crisis in gaza. fred pleitgen is in ashkelon, ben wedemans in gaza city. ben wedeman, good morning, set the scene for me. >> reporter: yes, brooke, it was a noisezy night and we saw intense bombardment just behind where i'm standing. that was proceeded by increasing sort of mounting reports that a cease-fire was about to be announced or a period of calm. but it appears that there were problems within the israeli government that prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his foreign minister lieberman didn't see eye to eye with the defense minister who was leaning towards accepting this draft proposal sent by hamas via the egyptian government. so once it was clear that those efforts had sort of run into a brick wall, we saw an intensification of israeli air strikes and of course rocket fire out of gaza as well. one of the rockets, rather, one of the air strikes hit very close to the hotel where many journalists are staying right on the coast right next to the gaza city beach. now most recently within the last hour the house of a senior adviser to hamas, prime minist
blitzer, you spent the last two days on various towns along the border, ashkelon and elsewhere, and everybody has been impacted by these shells, by these rockets? >> and there are hundreds of thousands of israelis that live within 40 or 50 kilometers, 20 or 30 miles north of gaza, and they feel directly affected. there is a school in birsheba and ashkelon. a lot of the kids are sleeping in shelters, bunkers, they are afraid. their moms and dads very worried. i was in birsheba. outside, didn't look too bad. in the inside, the whole house destroyed. the mom, dad and four of the five kids -- the fifth was away four of the five kids there, heard the siren go off. had 30 seconds, ran into the small room which is their safe room. a concrete bunker really, sort of like the side of a closet and waited it out and when they got out, they were fine, okay. but their house totally destroyed and not livable at all. they have to go live in a hotel as they wait for whatever is going to happen. and you can see on the face of the little kids who heard the sirens going off, these kids were pretty
the israeli town of ashkelon only a few kilometers north of gaza. fred, there's been intense rocket fire in southern israel, ashkelon, beer sheva, elsewhere in southern israel throughout the day, give us the sense what's the latest? >> hi, wolf. in the past couple of hours it's gotten more quiet. it was really that time if you remember earlier today we were thinking there was going to be an announcement made by hamas or possibly by the egyptian government that there was going to be a cease fire. it was really in the hour before we thought that announcement was going to be made that all of a sudden all hell broke loose out of gaza. i was standing at a hill at some point overlooking gaza and you could just see rockets flying out of that place at an enormous pace going towards ashkelon and beer sheva. a lot of those rockets were picked off by that iron dome missile intercepter system in midair. and later of course i was in ashkelon with the strike that you just saw also happened. and we saw rockets fly over our heads aimed at the town of ashdod. we saw at least five rockets that were picked
and in jerusalem and in israel. ben wedeman is in gaza city. frederick pleitgen is in ashkelon city. we begin with sara sidner at the scene of that bus explosion that happened just a little while ago in tel aviv. sara first of all describe for me how that looks right now. >> what has happened right now is the cleanup is under way. there are still tape up around the scene. we're very close to the defense department building, and the military headquarters, this is a bus that the number 61 bus, we know that it exploded, glass all around the bus was blown out. however the blast was not strong enough to knock out the ability for the bus to operate. and so we saw literally the bus -- someone in the bus drive the bus away, 15, 20 minutes ago. we know that there are several people injured. they were taken to a hospital. that is very, very nearby where this bus exploded. right now, police are telling us that they are still looking for potential suspects, we see a helicopter in the sky. there's been a lot of confusion, a lot of rumors, as to who may have done this. even rumors about an arrest. there wa
says she ran into their secure safe room and is okay. ashkelon is seary right neerie . >> many people left the town. many people just don't want to go outside because it's dangerous. >> reporter: like many of the residents we spoke to, he was not very optimistic about the immediate future. we're here along the beach in ashkelon. normally this place would be lively. it's a lovely day. the sun is just beginning to go down right now. we're watching what's going on. it's empty. this whole area pretty much is desolate. the israelis are staying inside their homes. they're not going out to coffee shops. they're not going out to theaters. at least in this area. at least for the last few days because of the pounding of the rockets that have been coming in, that iron dome, that thud you hear all the time over the sky. you realize not far away, only a few kilometers, is gaza. densely populated area right along this same med trarian. my own sense is this could be such a wonderful area if they could just achieve some real peace between the israelis and the palestinians, but obviously that's going
, ashkelon and elsewhere, and everybody has been impacted by these shells, by these rockets. >> there's hundreds of thousands of israelis who live within let's say 40 or 50 kilometers, 20 or 30 miles north of gaza, and they feel directly impacted. there is a school in ashkelon, any of these major cities, over the past week, seven days now, the kids haven't gone to school. a lot of them are sleeping in shelters, sleeping in bunkers, because they're afraid the sirens go off, they're traumatized, their moms and dads are very worried. i was in one of them today that from the outside didn't look too bad. when i got inside, the whole house was basically destroyed inside. fortunately, the mom and dad and four of their five kids, the fifth was away, but four of their five kids, they were there, they heard the siren go off, they had 30 seconds. they ran into the small room which is their safe room, it's a concrete bunker, really, sort of like the size of a closet, and they waited it out. when they got out, they were fine, they were okay, but their house was totally destroyed and not livable at
, richard plight again is in ashkelon in israel, jessica yellin is live in cambodia where secretary clinton has departed heading for the middle east. we begin with christiane. welcome. give us a sense of this new announcement from israel. how long do you think israel is waiting to silt on this halt before it would move forward with sending ground troops in? >> well, what was reported was that a senior government official in the loop close to the talks has confirmed to me this morning that after the latest intense round of conversations and meetings between prime minister netanyahu and his inner security cabinet, which went on into the early morning hours here jerusalem time, there has been a decision taken to hold on the ground offensive. to give time, he says, limited time to make the diplomatic solution work. that is their preferred option. however, he also adds that israeli military is prepared and continues to make its preparations in case, if and when, a decision is taken to escalate to a ground war. in that case the military would be prepared to react immediately. but clearly what we'
and gaza, and heading towards southern israeli cities, like ashkelon and ashdod. so, that is the aim. if that does not stop. prime minister benjamin netanyahu made it clear they are ready to go in for a ground incursion in gaza. rob and paula? >> many feel that hamas would be overmatched at that point. lama hasan, live from jerusalem. thanks for that report, lama. >>> he has stabbed a security guard and has been apprehended by police and say the man had an ax. an abc news crew is on the way to the scene. and we'll have more on "gma." >>> in case they are needed, the u.s. navy is moving three ships into the eastern mediterranean. that's if they're needed for the promote possibility that americans need to be evacuated from israel. the state department right now says it is not even contemplating evacuation. >>> and we have breaking news overnight from california. four men are in custody charged with planning to kill americans. the fbi says, the plot's ringleader was a follower of al awlaki. the terror leader who died in a drone attack last year. two of the men arrested told an fbi sourc
covering both sides of the border. allen pizzey in ashkelon in israel. >> reporter: the rocket that managed to evade the iron dome interception center came through this bit of cement. it penetrated and landed there. this is the entrance to a school. but no one was hurt because fortunately the kids weren't here. all children within a 25-mile radius of the gaza border had been told to stay at home. this facility, however, is being used as a logistics base for the so-called home guard, soldiers and military people who look after this particular area. it's doubtful the guys who fired the rocket knew that. the damage was caused by a grant missile. a battlefield weapon that cannot be aimed accurately. the israelis believe they have significantly reduced the number of launchers, but admit they can't eliminate all of them from the air. israeli troops and armor are still poised to push into gaza and prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned on sunday the military is prepared to significantly expand the operation. but he doesn't have a lot of popular support for that. according to a poll by the newspa
up on the gaza strip. it's occurring in israel too. we heard earlier rockets landed in ashkelon, a city near israel. in the past three days at least three people have been killed in israel. we're cooping an eye on everything that's come in. and video is pouring in. once we have more information, we'll bring it back to you. but that's it for now, victor. >> well, i want to put back up this live picture that we've been seeing. this is from reuters, and this is gaza city. and, of course, as we see things live, we're going to bring those to you. nick valencia monitoring and bringing things to you. thanks for that. >>> could this whole thing be a political game? aisle e ask one of the world ice leading experts on the conflict. >>> and president obama woke up in thailand this morning. what's on the agenda for his historic trip to asia. ♪ [ gordon ] for some this line is a convenience. how you doing today? i'm good thanks. how are you? i'm good. [ gordon ] but for others, it's all they can afford. every day nearly nine million older americans don't have enough to eat. anything else?
in the southern city of ashkelon but caused no serious injuries. neither side shows any sign of breaking the circle of violence. lama hasan, abc news, jerusalem. >> our thanks to lama. >>> well, president obama is on a historic visit to the southeast nation asian of myanmar. while he is there, mr. obama will be meeting with myanmar's prime minister and the nobel peace prize winning democracy advocate aung san suu kyi. the president will also deliver an address in which he will praise myanmar's progress toward democracy and urge it to make further reforms. myanmar is also known as burma. >>> well, vice president joe biden was much closer to home, getting a firsthand look at the new jersey coastline that, of course, was devastated by superstorm sandy. the vice president toured hard-hit seaside heights and later surveyed damage in hoboken, new jersey. he met with about 50 first responders and receiving a briefing pledging federal support. biden said rebuilding is a, quote, national respondent. >>> we have new developments this morning in the cia sex scandal. a person close to david petraeus
in some hard-hit towns like ashkelon that have been receiving so many of those hamas rockets. we've got, as i said, our correspondents all over the entire region. want to bring you the absolute latest information that we can. new explosions here late this evening, early this morning, here in gaza city to tell you about that. our breaking news which we will begin the program with, we have heard explosions throughout the evening. we also saw a short time ago a number of rockets being fired from gaza city toward israel. those seem to have been intercepted by the iron dome program that israel has as part of their air defense system. we'll have all of that at the top of the hour. >> looking forward to that. >>> after decades of american companies moving jobs overseas, there is something that happened today that is absolutely incredible. we are going to tell you about it. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime
that were making rockets. i spent time in ashkelon last time i was here and the rockets didn't have much accuracy. they didn't have much range. now you have the rocket which comes from iran, the components come from iran, are smuggled through a pipeline, through sudan, said to be through egypt as well, and taken apart, brought through the tunnels from egypt and reassembled here. i think it's very clear iran is having a role in this, and not just with a group like hamas but also with a group like islamic jihad and some of the other groups which are even more extreme, according to intelligence sources, than hamas is. >> yeah. anderson, ben and wolf, thank you all very much indeed. you have done amazing stint today reporting from the ground. we really appreciate it. thank you. >>> we'll hear from both sides tonight. right now, i want to bring in senator dianne feinstein, chairman of the intelligence committee. welcome to you. >> thank you, piers. >> it's obviously a very tense situation there. it could go as wolf said just now, either way, really. we could wake up tomorrow and see a cease-f
assortment of rockets that have fallen over the ashkelon area. this is not all of them, just some of them. various types of rockets you can fin here. this is a grab rocket, you can tell by the fines that pop out when the rockets get launched this one is one of the home made kassam rockets. you can tell, the fins are welded on in a rudimentary way. >> before the cease-fire, he and his crew, forced to take cover a number of times. one american diplomat who understand the difficulty what it took to negotiate the cease-fire and what it's going to take to maintain it, former senator george mitchell. special envoy to the middle east from 2009 to 2011. mitchell held the post of senate majority leader, schooled in the art of negotiating. and in 1990s, he served as chair of peace negotiations in northern ireland that led to the successful good friday peace agreement. i spoke to him about the difficulties that lie ahead. how optimistic are that you this cease-fire can hold, and what would the next steps be? assuming it does hold? >> it's a big step forward, the violence has ended, and that's critic
the ashkelon area. this is not all of them, there are more of them laying around. this is a rocket, you can tell by the fins that pop out when the rocket gets launched. whereas this is one of the homemade qassam rocket. >> he and his crew were forced to take cover a number of times. one american diplomat who understands what it took to negotiate the cease-fire and what it will take to maintain it. is george mitchell, special envoy from 2009-2011. he is schooled in the opposing viewpoints, and also in '99, chaired the committee to help with the agreements there. and i spoke to him about the difficulties that lie ahead. senator mitchell, how optimistic are you that this cease-fire can hold, and what would be the next steps in ensuring that it holds? >> well, it is critically important, the longer it goes on, with fighting and dying, the harder it is to solve any problem. on the other hand, past experience tells us it will be difficult to have a truly enforceable truce that will take hold over a longer period of time. they have been through it many times. but i think there is a recognition tha
. >>> so this is an assortment of rockets that have fallen over the ashkelon area. it's not all of them, it's only some of them. there's more laying around here. but there's various types of rockets that you can find here. for instance, this one is apparently a grab rocket. you can tell by the fins that pop out when the rocket gets launched. whereas this one here is one of those homemade kassam rockets made in a workshop in gaza. you can tell because the fins are welded on in a rudimentary way. >> that was cnn's fred pleitgen. he and his crew were forced to take cover a number of times. one american diplomat who understand the difficulty what it took to negotiate the cease-fire and what it's going to take to maintain it, former senator george mitchell. he was president obama's special envoy to the middle east from 2009 to 2011. mitchell held the post of senate majority leader, schooled in the art of negotiating. and in 1990s, he served as chair of peace negotiations in northern ireland that led to the successful good friday peace agreement. i spoke to him earlier about today's developments
been much more subdued, shall we say? our fred pleitgen reporting live for us from ashkelon, israel, this morning for us. fred, set the scene. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. the mood is much more subdued here and there's certainly no one here, at least in this town of ashkelon, saying that this is victory. many of them said that they felt that the military campaign, the army launch eight days, should have continued, and should have, they felt, achieved more. they believe after those eight days, hamas is still in power. hamas will be able to regroup, and possibly, hamas will be able to shoot weapons at town s like this one. keep in mind, even before the military operation, the people here were having to deal with rocket attacks as many. it wasn't as many during the past eight days. however, every two weeks, every week, they would have to deal with rockets raining on their head. they basically feel as though not very much has been achieved with this military offensive. people i've been speaking to say they thought that a ground operation should have been launched. others, howev
. this is the aftermath of a rocket strike in the town of ashkelon. one of the rockets that hit ashkelon came here and hit this car port and did substantial damage to the car, as well. the iron dome system has been billed as a game changer in this conflict. but as hits like this one show, it cannot intercept all the rockets that are coming at israel from gaza. still israel's military says it's very happy with the performance of the interceptor system. >> usually down. usually these rockets are the ones who are launched from the terrorist factions. towards the biggest cities where you have more people living. we usually down them but it's not a 100% solution unfortunately. >> reporter: and so the engineers at the assembly plant are working extra hours to assemble more iron dome batteries for immediate deployment. cnn, ashkelon, israel. >>> so what does this cost? let me dig into the costs of the system. it costs $62,000 every time a missile is fired from the iron dome. in 2011 the israeli military said the system had a 70% success rate. and the united states has allocated about $275 million for israel's ir
's going to happen. >> ben wedeman is on the ground for us just north of gaza in ashkelon, israel. let's go to israel right now. sara sidner's been watching what's going on. a constant bombardment by the air and sea by israel in gaza right now. set the scene for our viewers. are they bracing for a ground assault from israel? >> reporter: well, they're certainly worried about one. what we've been hearing is actually a lull for the past 20 minutes. but then just before you came to me, wolf, another huge bang arguably probably an air strike here. we can also hear the sounds oftentimes of the missiles coming out of gaza heading towards israel as well. we have seen the sky littered with the trail of rocket fire and also with the big black smoke from air strikes. we went to one neighborhood where a bomb had fallen and killed a child. we went to the hospital today where the staff there is simply overwhelmed with injured people, people coming in with things like shrapnel wounds or worse. there are doctors there who we spoke with who said they just could not believe what they were seeing. they had n
is live for us in ashkelon, israel for us. fred, what's the latest from you? >> hi, brooke. what's going on here, there are still rocket attacks on towns like ashkelon. we had one earlier this morning where a barrage of rockets came towards here. several of those were intercepted. however some of those actually did manage to come through and they did hit the ground. the biggest rocket fire actually happened south of here in a town that's frequently a target of rocket attacks. 16 rockets were fired from gaza. 13 were intercepted. three did come through and impacted on the ground there. in one rocket attack an israeli reserve soldier was wounded. he's been brought to hospital so far. other than that there are rocket attacks going on across the board. i would say, however, brooke, that the intensity is somewhat lower than in the past couple of days. another very interesting development that we're sort of monitoring on the ground here. is that in the past day and a half we haven't seen any various long range rocket attacks. if you'll recall a couple of days ago hamas rockets were fired towar
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